Horizon is a secure Cloud

The private Cloud of critical IT environments

Security is one of the essential issues of the Cloud. One of the most important companies worries that are about to break through the cap, concerns the security of their data and their applications.

Horizon is responding to this concern by offering a Cloud Computing and managed services, ISO 27001 certified.

This certification is the assurance for Cloud Horizon customers of maintaining a maximum level of security on the perimeter of infrastructures, applications and services.
The ISO 27001 certification, renewed each year, was issued to Prolival following a rigorous assessment process, conducted by the independent certification body LSTI. The audit and certification process covers a broad scope ranging from security policy to business continuity management.

Security guaranteed by ISO 27001 certification

This certification attests the good practices and procedures settled by Prolival in terms of information security and risk management. It strengthens the company's commitment to quality and technical excellence and demonstrates its ability to provide a high level of safety and reliability for its customers.

The ISO 27001 label guarantees the security of the Prolival information system, the managed services management processes of the Colombes Service Center and the services of the Cloud Horizon.
“In an increasingly complex and interconnected business environment in which data is an essential part of the company's assets, companies must be able to rely on a cloud service provider that guarantees maximum security of this data and applications."  says Thierry Allart, CISO of Prolival.  "We are proud of this certification ISO 27001 for the Cloud Horizon, which is a further proof of the level of requirement by Prolival teams."
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