Horizon, the Managed Cloud Services

Capitalizing on nearly 25 years of experience in the delivery of outsourcing services for critical environments, Prolival has built and grown Horizon by integrating the Cloud model with a full range of managed services that add value to this offer.

Prolival is not only providing Cloud Computing, it's a experienced and well-known service provider allowing its clients to gain advantages of a managed Cloud model.

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Companies need concrete, cost-effective solutions to achieve their computing power, storage and networking needs. The Cloud Horizon is based on best technologies and solutions from leader partners (Cisco, Dell, HP, Vmware, Microsoft, Citrix and IBM) and expertise from Colombes Service Center teams, to provide a wide range of services up to full application management.

Security and Network

Easy connection of your corporate network to our Data Centers, dedicated or shared links.

Administration and Operations

We do not limit ourselves to the delivery of an IaaS base, we provide 24/7 support and can custom it to your needs by administering, operating and implementing your environments and applications.

Comprehensive service commitments (RTO,% availability, RPO, ...) encrypted and accurate, including application availability, a complete and legible set of contract documents

Horizon is designed to minimize downtime and is, by nature, highly available.
Prolival is committed to an SLA of virtual machine availability up to 99.99%.

Guaranteed reversibility
Without added constraints linked to the means used.

Support and advice on the entire perimeter
A single interlocutor to relay all your questions, requests, projects…


Designed to host critical production environments, the Cloud Horizon offers a complete set of services that allow your internal resources to mobilize on innovative, value-creating projects while we oversee and administer infrastructure and applications.

CIOs seek strategic partnerships to advance innovation. With the Horizon managed Cloud services, reduce costs, free resources, create value and drive growth.
"Many actors know how to offer IaaS services, few of them are capable of backing up comprehensive operating and infrastructure and application management services,"  says Jacques Orivel, President of Prolival.  "With many years of outsourcing experience in highly constrained business environments, our teams have developed an essential know-how that constitutes a major differentiator of the Cloud Horizon and a key added value for customers of this offer."
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