Horizon Made in France

The private Cloud for critical IT environments

The genesis of the Cloud Horizon is the result of the reflection and experience of Prolival teams in the provision of IT services to its customers. Our credo : to provide resources As a Service supported by a 24/7 Service Center for any technical or application environment, fundamental and critical for the operation of the Information System.

Initiated in 2007, Horizon has been assisting our clients in their approach to obtaining an OPEX economic model for the provision of their IT resources, as well as for the managed services that have already been made available. With Horizon, Prolival does not position itself as a "maker" of the cloud market, but rather as a specialist in outsourcing, allowing its customers to choose to bring their IT resources to a Cloud model.

Opting for the Cloud Horizon means benefiting from the dual advantage of "Cloud" & "Managed".

The Cloud close to you

Horizon delivers its Cloud resources from 2 Data Centers in France, interconnected by redundant high-speed dark fiber-optic links.

The Prolival 24/7 Production and Operation Center at our main site in Colombes (FR)is monitoring and ensuring the optimal operation of your resources within Horizon.

  • Guarantee of the physical location of your business data in France,
  • Ecosystem of hosting partners and French operators,
  • Monitoring and Operation 24/7/365 of your resources within the Cloud Horizon,
  • Dedicated project teams to support you in Transformation and Transition to Horizon.
"In a context in which data is an essential part of the enterprise, knowing where and how the data is hosted and operated is a key issue for the Business and the security of IS."  claims Fabien Marteau, Director of Cloud Services Business Unit of Prolival.  "By Ensuring a service delivery from and within several Data Centers in France, a service support from a Service Center in Colombes (FR), while allowing our customers the capacity to audit all the entire value chain, Prolival sets Horizon as a custom-made Managed Cloud, closer to the users needs."
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