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Your private Cloud, secure and managed in France
Horizon, the Cloud by Prolival
Inside the Cloud Horizon

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HORIZON, the Cloud by Prolival

  • Private Cloud

  • Business Cloud

  • Managed Cloud

  • Secure Cloud

  • Cloud Made in France

Private Cloud

Inside the Cloud Computing custom-made

Simple Cloud resources units for an efficient control spending

Safe data transferring is no longer an option anymore. Built on Prolival's team long-established experience in outsourcing operations, the Cloud Horizon ensures perfect visibility into how data and applications are managed and secured, while offering a complete catalog services adapted to each business context.

  • A range of modular and scalable services, based on simple and clear resources units.
  • Effective migration processes and adapted by experience to any type of source context, with a project methodology approved by our customers.
  • A total transparent invoicing model, variable +/- to currently consumption, without hidden options.

Business Cloud

Our Business Unit: Bank, Finance and Insurance

Prolival from the finance’s world has built its reputation and expertise around the infrastructure businesses: Consulting, Integration, Managed Services and Cloud Computing.

For more than 25 years, Prolival has proved its expertise around these economic sectors boosted by business transformation projects.
Our Bank, Finance and Insurance Business Unit provides transversal offerings covering all our services in our various businesses.

The major lines of services are:
  • Infrastructure, Operations and Production Managed Services
  • Transferring - Transforming IS to market ERP
  • Consulting around architectures and exploitability of solutions
  • Saas offers (EBICS flow management, Smart Data Banking, ...)
Technical implementation of the migration project to the SAB bank ERP
Implementation of the Transfer Area Monitor (ElcimaÏ Financial Software)

24/7 Managed Cloud

Delegate the management of your Cloud

Cloud and Managed Services: the winning duo Horizon

The Cloud Computing model refers basically to the delivery of infrastructure and application services at the expense of administrative and operational services. As a result, the service provided is often perceived as incomplete, and with lower quality.

Managing a Cloud service means ensuring that any subscribed resource is backed by one or more SLAs, a global service commitment that is the foundation of the Cloud Horizon.

  • Cloud Horizon outsourcing contract with SLAs attached to any resource unit.
  • Service Governance managed on an ongoing basis by a team of experienced Service Managers.
  • Regular reporting on performance and service’s quality.
  • Structured ITSM organization to monitor the overall managed Cloud services.

Secure Cloud

Ensure your data’s security

Horizon is an ISO 27001 managed Cloud

Ensuring our customers the safety of their data is our major concern.

Placed at the heart of the Prolival ISO 27001 certification project, the Cloud Horizon and the Service Center, which runs it, offer an innovative, efficient and flexible model while guaranteeing the security and confidentiality of the processed data.

  • Cloud Horizon's managed resources and services catalog is certified ISO 27001 since 2015.
  • Rigorous approach to security monitoring of sensitive information in Cloud Computing.
  • Compliance with the state of art by teams confronted daily with information security management issues.


Cloud hosted and operated in France

The private Cloud, designed and managed by Prolival

The Horizon challenge : enabling any type of company, however small and young it is, to gain all the advantages and the added-value provided to any applications and any infrastructure services supported by a secure Cloud, developed and operated by experts in the outsourcing field.

  • Highly available IT resources, available from three Data Centers located in France
  • Monitoring from a certified Service Center, 24/7 open, based in the Paris region
  • Operation and Maintenance of Cloud resources, without discontinuity